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Theum 1.5 revolutionizes the way businesses manage and access knowledge

Stuttgart, Germany15 March 2016 — Theum AG today annouced the general availability of Release 1.5 of its flagship product Theum, knowledge management software that delivers answers instead of documents.

Theum's approach to delivering knowledge in the form of "knowledge atoms" represents a revolution in enterprise information access. Knowledge owners continue authoring knowledge (policies and procedures, guidelines, manuals, etc) as documents in convenient tools like Microsoft Office, which make it possible to encapsulate and organize concise knowledge. Theum then "atomizes" the content of these documents, creating a semantic network that can be accessed via task-oriented queries. End-users receive the direct, task-relevant "answers" they need to accomplish the task-at-hand without the time-wasting, document-oriented search process that wastes so much of the organization's productivity.

CIOs and knowledge managers find Theum especially compelling because of it's ability to address today's most challenging problems:

  • Theum puts distributed knowledge owners in charge of knowledge and motivates them to contribute what's important.
  • Theum atomizes contributed knowledge—despite differences in authoring tools, templates, and styles—into a single uniformly searchable semantic network. This makes knowledge accessible for every user in a uniform way despite differences in business processes across the organization.
  • Using the entire pool of contributed knowledge, Theum dynamically constructs complete answers that are right for the user's location and context, ensuring business processes are performed with all relevant knowledge in mind.
  • Theum enables the mobile workforce online and offline by making the sum total of contributed knowledge available on all devices without system integration and app development projects.

New features in Release 1.5 include an improved, fine-grained search facility, a customizable toolbar that lets businesses add custom functions to the knowledge access experience, and a new library-oriented approach to organizing large amounts of knowledge in an intuitive way.

Theum AG is a recognized international provider of solutions designed to meet today's knowledge management and enterprise mobility requirements with 100% automation, 0% complexity, and a lot of finesse. Theum lets you respond to the challenge of digital transformation with an elegant, powerful, end-to-end solution that's easy to own, free of risk, and enjoys outstanding user acceptance.