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  • Policies, Procedures, and Compliance +

    Compliance is difficult when procedures, examples, exceptions, and external rules are found in different places. Theum delivers the complete knowledge for the task at hand with a click—assembled from every relevant source onto a single page and ready-to-use. Read More
  • User Manuals and Troubleshooting Guides +

    Large manuals can leave users frustrated when they’re looking for quick information or fast problem resolution. Theum lets you deliver a better customer service experience by giving users instant answers without the search. Read More
  • Project Documentation +

    Delivering custom products and bespoke services often requires workers to be equipped with knowledge about customer and internal specifications, contractual limitations, and regulatory mandates at the same time. Theum extracts the required knowledge from every source and delivers it, ready-to-use, on a single page. Read More
  • Knowledge in SharePoint and DMS +

    The volume and redundancy of knowledge stored in collaborative and DMS systems make it very difficult for untrained users to find what they need. Theum turns such systems into a ready-to-use “answer base” that gives users the knowledge they need without having to worry about which document and where. Read More
  • Newsletters, Circulars, and Bulletins +

    Regularly distributed newsletters and other publications contain a wealth of information, but it’s hard to find that info mentioned 3 months ago or learn about trends across issues when the knowledge is buried in a pile of PDFs. Theum delivers a complete overview on any given theme with a click. Read More
  • Event Materials +

    Events often produce a mountain of useful knowledge ranging from what’s happening in the industry, to tips and tricks, to who said what. Posted as a collection of PDFs this knowledge is nearly useless. Theum turns it into an answer-oriented KB that maximizes any event’s value well into the future. Read More
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What customers say

Christian Golisch, Controlling and Finance, Accounting, Reporting and Controlling Siemens AG
Theum has given us a solid, effective basis for ensuring worldwide compliance with corporate accounting regulations. Knowledge from Controlling and Finance, Legal, and other business units has already been deployed or is in planning. The feedback from the business units has been consistently positive.
Before Theum, the comparatively few staff members responsible for managing our information publishing process often found the task of making everything available as consistently organized PDFs to be a significant challenge. Our student body faced the even more difficult hurdle of finding what they needed in this huge library of PDF files and making sense of it on their smartphones. Theum helped both camps: it made the editorial process easy and enabled our students to find the knowledge they need quickly and intuitively.
Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Managing Director PROJECT CONSULT
Making our research and analysis reports available and searchable for customers online on all devices has been a long-term goal for some time. Theum has enabled us to do it on our own, without constant technical assistance. Even better, we are now able to provide customers with the kind of high-end experience that usually requires deep pockets and an IT staff.
Henning Rethage, Head of Group Accounting and Policies Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA
Theum's highly user-friendly digital delivery combined with the great flexibility it offers convinced us from the start.

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